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As an active contributor in the DAO landscape, I’ve helped build, operate and collaborate with multiple DAOs in different capacities.Like other forms of collaboration, it's not always clear what the best tools or strategies to solve problems are.Some of the top challenges and questions I continuously see DAOs struggle with:
❏ What are the most effective ways to on-board new contributors?
❏ How can we get better voting turn out and member retention?❏ How can we keep better track of things said and shared in Discord?❏ What are the best tools and services to collaborate async with other DAOs beside Discord?❏ What kind of DAO structure should we be modelling ours after?❏ Given the current state of regulation, how should we be approaching token distribution?❏ What's the best way to manage a treasury?❏ Whats the best way to process feedback from our DAO so we can stay on top of our members needs?❏ How do we wind down our DAO's token and transition to another community model?

Adam Wiseman

Here are some DAOs I've helped:

shiny object social club

✔︎ Helped establish and run a web3 & No-code community from its inception to membership of 700+ individuals✔︎ Created a custom project management workflow in Notion, which both the community and core team used to keep track of initiatives as Shiny scaled✔︎ Established a treasury workflow that provided timely and secure payments to members globally✔︎ Managed and collaborated with a remote team spanning several time zones, ensuring clear communication to anticipate potential problems before they arose✔︎ Streamlined communication & collaboration between community members by integrating tools into Discord✔︎ Brought on and curated guests to speak and showcase their products to a relevant audience, developing a weekly forum with 50+ attendees

friends with benefits

✔︎ Helped establish an initial contributor portal that allowed for core members and contributors to collaborate.✔︎ Participated and contributed to community initiatives that helped FWB grow

Krause house

✔︎ Helped establish a treasury workflow, along with best practices for initial token distribution.


Consulted with Dru Riley on his report: "DAOs: Tools, Bounties, NFTs"

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